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From impossible to unbelievable...

Welcome to Westover Hills!

In the 1940s, what was initially thought to be to difficult for residential housing with its winding roads, mature trees and steep hills, Westover Hills overcame any doubts by matching is housing with is fascinating terrain. These homes breathe uniqueness and character with no home alike but all boasting in architecture and square footage. The area of Westover Hills neighbors just west of Rivercrest and the homes are carefully built with much thought and have been well-aged since the mid 1900s. Homes in the Westover Hills area are often hidden behind the massive trees on their large lots that often give its residents the well sought after peace and quiet. These homes vary in different styles and have only been increasing in value! With Ridgmar bordering Westover Hills, these homes continue to boast with its large and tall trees and beautiful curb appeal! These homes have quickly become a Fort Worth hotspot for remodelers and those who enjoy older homes with lots of character! Montserrat has become the Crown-Jewel of West Fort Worth with its towering estates that overlook W 820 with views of Downtown Fort Worth. This neighborhood gives its residents the exclusivity and security that cannot be matched. The popularity of Montserrat quickly saw nearly available lots built on within its first decade of existence. The newly opened Montrachet extends the dream of owning an estate in this beautiful community to a new set of homeowners. Whether looking for a semi-custom home to finish out as your own or building your dream home on one of the quarter-acre to seven-acre lots you can make daily countryside resort living a reality.

The Look

Rolling Hills so big that initially no one thought they could be built on. Heavily wooded lots with homes deep set into meticulously manicured yards. Bluff view after bluff view number this community making for some of the most highly sought after land in Fort Worth.

The Life

A slow and quiet community. Westover Hills is tucked away from the city that surrounds it giving it a sense of separation. Numerous large estate lots are found throughout giving space between neighbors and allowing for privacy and security.

The Homes

Massive homes built here since the 1940s have always been at the forefront of opulence. Over-the-top luxury is a trademark of Westover Hills. Here you will find Colonial, Contemporary, Farm House, Mountain, Texas Vernacular, and more. The one thing that connects these homes is their massive size and commitment to the highest standards of the time.

The Draw

The homes and the views are the draw that has made Westover Hills one of the highest per square foot average neighborhoods in Fort Worth for 80 years.

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