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One of the most established neighborhoods, along with the first Country Club in Fort Worth!

This is where the most famous families in Fort Worth call home...

Welcome to Rivercrest!

This neighborhood is built around Fort Worth’s oldest and most storied Country Club, Rivercrest. Rivercrest Country Club, established in 1911, was the first Country Club to establish residential housing on its acreage. The neighborhood of Rivercrest is one of Fort Worth’s most prized jewels. Located just five miles from Downtown Fort Worth, this neighborhood breathes well aged luxury homes. Rivercrest has quickly become one of Fort Worth’s most luxurious neighborhoods located right off North Camp Bowie. Sitting at the heart of the neighborhood, is Rivercrest Country Club’s winding and green golf course. With the neighborhoods winding roads, striking curb appeal, this neighborhood has few competitors. Come see what has a gold standard for Real Estate and see its homes whose value only increases with age.

The Look

As one of the oldest Country Clubs in North Texas, founded in 1911, Rivercrest has attracted the elite of Fort Worth for more than a century. Known for the large lots and the bluff views that line the community, Rivercrest is unlike any other neighborhood in Fort Worth. Located in the heart of Fort Worth it can be hard to tell where Rivercrest ends and the Cultural district begins.

The Life

Being so close to all the attractions of Down Town, West 7th and the Cultural District gives Rivercrest a vibrance and a feeling of life on the move. . The Country Club gives the neighborhood a grounding and center point.

The Homes

The long history of money that has called Rivercrest home has produced some of the most impressive estates that Texas has to boast. The last couple decades, Rivercrest has seen a growth in ultra-luxury homes. With many of these homes being completely remodeled, to new builds scattered throughout with various styles and designs.

The Draw

Rivercrest has long been a premiere Fort Worth community. The golf course and country club have attracted residents for over 100 years.

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