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Located in the heart of the Cultural District just steps away from endless entertainment!

As beautiful as it's Jeffersonian namesake...

Welcome to Monticello!

The beauty of Monticello’s winding streets combines with the hundred-year oaks to create a picturesque scene that will take your breath away. Homes for sale in Monticello are a mix of renovated estates built in the 1950s along with some of the most beautiful new builds to be found north of HWY 30. For those that are lucky enough to call Monticello home some of Fort Worth’s most popular attractions are within only a minute's drive. Directly adjacent to the Southern border of Monticello are the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Kimball art museum. Just down camp bowie is the Fort Worth Children’s Museum and the newly completed Dickie’s Arena that hosts Rodeo Events and Concerts featuring artists like George Strait. With the shift in development around Fort Worth, Monticello has become the true center of this growing metropolis. The modern amenities mixed with the warmth of family tradition have been a parallel in both the rapid growth of Fort Worth and Monticello alike.

The Look

The deep and rich history of Monticello comes through in its homes and streets. Made for a front yard lifestyles' homes are deepest in their lots and front yards retain their enormous oak trees that have stood for more than 70 years. Thick green grass front lawns and manicured flower beds are a standard.

The Life

For the last 70 years, Monticello has attracted families and working professionals. A high percentage of doctors and lawyers has been a calling card of this community. It's common to see residents enjoying the shaded sidewalks on daily trips with fur and non-fur babies.

The Homes

Built in the golden era of craftsman-style architecture these homes are as unique as they are expertly crafted. Residents have loved and cared for these homes and it is more commonplace to find a home that has been fully renovated in the last 10 years than the alternative. There has begun to be a push for custom builders to buy lots in Monticello and build large Tudor and American modern homes.

The Draw

Large yards and beautiful homes all in the middle of Fort Worth has been and continues to be the main draw of Monticello.

The Highlights


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